Cold Storage Installations In Hanoi

Cold Storage Installations In Hanoi

Installation of cold storage is the current common services to meet the needs of the people. Cold storage cold storage and installation are two elements are always associated with each other in building, providing for the preservation of product. Due to high usage needs should the company, industrial cold storage installations and activities flourished. However not the company would also ensure the quality as well as price competition for customers. Nam Phu Thai was known to be a leading company in the field of design and installation of cold prestige in Vietnam in General and Hanoi.


Nam Phu Thai-cold storage installation services in Hanoi

The location provides cold storage installation services: South technology joint stock company Nam Phu Thai
Can see the food technology industry is one of the important economic sector of the country, it provides food for millions of people. The merchandise is always about food safety and food hygiene, make sure the food is always fresh, the best nutrition to consumers. To do this the company, which provides food to get good help preserving the environment for food are always fresh, the installation of cold preservation of food was set out to meet needs better food preservation.
To install professional cold food preservation then South technology joint stock company Phu Thai conducted selection of contractors to provide cold storage installation services cheap but quality must ensure to cold storage can operate a sturdy way to maintain the temperature required in the repository to preserve food.

The advantages of cold storage installation services in Nam Phu Thai:

  • Fast, efficient advice
  • Construction safety
  • Product quality is always assured
  •  Competitive price
  • Reputable warranty, …

Currently South technology joint stock company Phu Thai has and will expand the market to meet the needs of consumers.
You have demand for construction and installation of cold or need advice on services related to the installation of cold storage, please contact us at the address:


Address: 35 Nguyen Ngoc Vu-Cau Giay-Hanoi
Phone: 786 477 0934

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