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    Organization Chart
    Along with creating a dynamic work environment, innovative and always share, NPT has attracted many professional staff with experience in marketing, product, and maintain a law office environment healthy corporate goods
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    Formerly Industrial Refrigeration factory was established in 2008 with core business is the construction repair works and civil cold industrial refrigeration. With a team of skilled craftsmen and then reorganized in a basically ...
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    Scope of Activities
    COMPANY PHU THAI NAM CN customers Please send health wishes, greeting respect and cooperation. Our company is a leading enterprise in the field of supply of components, materials and refrigeration equipment, while offering ...
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    Future Goals
    The goal of the Corporation Nam Phu Thai technology is becoming a company to contribute to the development of society and the people around the world trust in the field of industrial refrigeration, cameras and electrical equipment clever
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      • More than 10 years of experience
      • Unique product diversity
      • Trained staff
      • Professional Support Services
      • Long-term warranty
      • Respected customers
      • Enhanced customer benefits
      • Always research & innovation
      • Dealer Network nationwide
      • ...

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    HOTLINE: [04.35501314]